Tuesday 6 February 2018

London Cider Tour

The cider vats at Hawkes Cidery & Taproom
Lots of cheese at Borough Market
One of my best buds, Sophie, organised me a surprise birthday treat to celebrate my 30th birthday. Somehow she managed to keep it secret for several months (although we both think she told me a while back whilst we were both drunk on holiday, and the next morning neither of us could remember whether we had spoken about it or not!), and so I was very excited when I met Sophie at London Bridge to find out that we were heading to a pub to join a cider tour. Anyone that knows me will know that cider is one of my fave things in life, so Sophie scored major friend points there!

Along the way we went to three different places to try different ciders, whilst hearing about the history of cider and how it's made. I'll admit it's not something I've really given much thought to, so I found it really interesting. We had a great group and we all got along well and were able to have a laugh, but then again if you put a load of cider-loving strangers together, then I'm sure you'll never have a problem! Our guide was great and let the tour go on much longer than the three hours we should have done. It was his first tour 'solo' and he was obviously enjoying it as much as we were.

After we had finished the tour, we all went and found another pub to have some more cider together, before Sophie and I disappeared to find a diner-style restaurant to gorge on far too much food and take advantage of the cocktail deals. I went home feeling completely full of alcohol and food, happy and content. 

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