Wednesday 14 February 2018

Moving to Australia

2018 is going to be my biggest adventure yet, as I am taking on my biggest challenge to date - I'm moving to Australia.

Over the last decade I have travelled far and wide, been on many a trip, countless flights, seen a whole host of new things, and made some amazing new friends from all across the globe. The experiences I have had can't really be put into words, as to do so wouldn't do them justice. Just know that the memories I have created and the experiences are worth more than any material possession, and have shaped my present and will shape my future. 

Whilst in Central America in November 2017, I felt completely and utterly content. I was in my absolute element with an amazing tour group, seeing some of the most beautiful places I had ever seen, and just feeling completely stress-free. Although I would say I very much had the travel bug already, my trip to Central America confirmed for me that I wanted to try living abroad. Whilst away I met a girl who was moving to London from Australia, and worked in healthcare like me. She'd just decided she wanted to give it a go, and without much thought, she was off! I've wanted to go to Aus for work since around 2011, but several things got in the way and when it came to applying and paying money for the application process, I freaked out and stopped.

Fast forward to December just gone, when I turned 30. I looked into the options for working in Australia, and found that you can get a working holiday visa up until the day before your 31st birthday. It made me realise that if I wanted to do it, then I had to do it now. Time is of the essence, and the last thing I want in my life is regrets. I therefore applied straight away for my visa, got confirmed a few weeks later, and decided I would then apply for my nursing registration in Australia so that I have some guaranteed work.
So here we are, in February, my flights have been booked, I've got my visa, I've applied for my nursing registration, and I've handed in my notice at work. To put it bluntly, I'm shitting myself. But here's to new adventures! 


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