Tuesday 11 September 2018

My First Week As a Nurse in Australia - Tuesday

Tuesday got off to a slightly better start given that I remembered my bus pass this time - wahey!Not only that, but it feels much easier when you actually know where you’re going and what you’re walking into. Simple things like where the bus stops are and the route into work make all the difference. I did another 08:00 - 16:30 shift today as part of my ‘orie’, so again not starting a proper shift with everyone at 07:00, which only serves to further make me feel like a spare part. 

I’ve noticed that processes are a little more thorough here, and to be able to dispense medication you need to complete some competencies and be observed giving all medications at least three times, including depots. You also get tested on naming various medications and their side effects and trade names. It’s forced me to brush up a little but this can only be a very good thing! Thankfully I live with a pharmacist who is a great person to ask if I’m confused about generic / brand names, some of which I’m not used to. 

Today I shadowed a medication round and tried to familiarise myself with the medications used and how they’re organised, and the layout of the medication room. I spent a good couple of hours completing my eLearning and booking on to some face-to-face courses, and met the course lead for the ‘FERN’ course I will be completing (Forensic Education for Registered Nurses). I’m finding that the eLearning is allowing me to learn a lot of the basics such as acronyms used, ratings tools, paperwork, etc, without feeling like I’m constantly asking questions, although I am assured there is no such thing as a stupid question!

I’m trying to shadow as many different processes as I can at the moment whilst I’m supernumary so that I can be prepared for when I’m working as part of the staffing numbers next week. It felt like a very easy day’s work and a huge contrast to the hectic ward environments I’m used to, and under-staffing here is simply not a thing. The days feel long and slow, but hopefully when I have some responsibility that’ll be different. 

I feel a great deal better now that I have a job to go to, as I feel I have my purpose and routine back. Already I feel I am going to appreciate and enjoy my time off so much more, and it’ll be even better to be earning money as well as spending it! Most people are paid fortnightly here which is a nice change. 

I’m looking forward to actually doing a proper early shift tomorrow, and hope things will get more exciting!

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