Wednesday 24 October 2018

Five Months in Australia

It’s been quite some time since I last updated this blog, and now that I’ve been here five months I thought it was time to check in. We are now at the beginning of Summer, and although I thought the rainy weather had passed, it seems that Summer here is pretty inconsistent and you can still expect days of 32c blazing sun in between days of 8c rain and thunderstorms. I must admit I think I preferred Winter, as at least the weather was more predictable! Now, I can leave the house in the morning to go to work wrapped up in layers, and leave work when it’s 30c and risk getting sunburnt. I hate the unpredictability, not knowing what to wear whenever I leave the house, and the quick changes in weather throughout the day. I definitely miss the weather at home, as I love cosy rainy days and the consistency! I’ve gained a bit of a reputation amongst friends here for constantly moaning about the weather. I’m clearly never happy!

Weather aside (such a typically British trait to talk about the weather first and foremost!), I can’t quite believe I am still here. I think for the first few months of being in Australia I felt like I was on an extended holiday, but now that I’ve been in my job full-time for just over two months, the reality of staying here has well and truly sunk in. I am really enjoying work, as the staff have been extremely welcoming, I’ve gotten to know the patients, and I’m finally getting used to the ways the ward and the trust work. I am still struggling with some vast differences to practices in the UK, but I feel I’ve finally got into my groove and I have a routine I’m happy with. 

I’m still meeting plenty of new people, mostly friends of friends and a lot them fellow nurses; the fact that most people are here are on a Working Holiday Visa means that everyone is in the same mentality of saying ‘yes’ to most opportunities, and embracing talking to anyone and everyone. It’s not hard to get chatting to people here as everyone is so friendly, and this just opens up plenty of new opportunities. 

I’ve got lots to look forward to over the next few months, including a few day trips and a road trip along the Great Ocean Road just before Christmas, and five days in Tasmania in January, coinciding with Australia Day. I have tickets booked to see Mumford & Sons in January, and George Ezra in February, and every spare day off seems to get filled pretty quickly. The only thing I’ve not really got sorted here is my gym and exercise routine. I’ve become lazy, shied away from getting stuck into new gym classes with new people, and put off getting up early to make it to classes. I need to get my motivation back and find something that works for me, as I’m feeling sluggish and I know that once I get back into the routine, I’ll really enjoy it. 

I am very happy here, but the longer I’m here I find the more the days of feeling homesick slip in. The feeling doesn’t last long as I remind myself how many opportunities there are here of things to see and do, but sometimes I can’t help feeling that I wish I could ship everyone out here with me.

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