Back in 2012, I started a blog called Lola and Behold. I loved that blog and invested a lot of time and hard work in it. I was fortunate enough to attend lots of events, meet a lot of bloggers who have now become my friends, and do reviews and collaborations with various brands. Unfortunately in January 2017, my blog was hacked, and every time I fixed it is was hacked again and covered with 'Isis' propaganda. After several times of fixing it only to get it hacked again, I lost interest and let the blog slide. My hosting then expired, and I decided it was a good opportunity to get rid of the old blog and start afresh.

When I started Lola and Behold, I was predominantly interested in beauty products, and the blog was full of product reviews. These days, I have a very basic makeup regime, I no longer have hoards of products, and I'd much rather save my money for travelling, adventures, and experiences. My next great adventure is moving abroad in Summer 2018, so I decided I would start Laura Kate Life to document my experiences. Gone is the interest in product reviews, and this blog is going to be a place purely to share my experiences and thoughts.

If you've come here as a previous follow of my old blog, thanks for sticking around. The updates will no doubt be very sporadic, but I hope you enjoy!

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