I'm not the biggest fan of TV, other than the occasional box set or reality TV, and much prefer to listen to podcasts. I spend upwards of two hours per day commuting, and really enjoy the time because it means I get to catch up on all my favourite podcasts. A lot of the podcasts I've discovered have been through the recommendations of others, so I thought I would share my favourites here for any other podcast fans.

(Any podcast descriptions are taken directly from the podcast websites, as linked).

(NB: This is a work in progress...!)


Criminal - "Criminal is a podcast about crime: stories of people who've done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle." 

Ear Hustle - "Ear Hustle brings you the stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it. The podcast is a partnership between Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, and Nigel Poor, a Bay Area artist. The team works in San Quentin’s media lab to produce stories that are sometimes difficult, often funny and always honest, offering a nuanced view of people living within the American prison system."

Serial - "It's Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he's innocent - though he can't exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon. But someone can. A classmate at Woodlawn High School says she knows where Adnan was. The trouble is, she’s nowhere to be found."

Sword and Scale - "Sword and Scale, which debuted in 2013, covers the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions."

They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime


Is It Just Me?
Jules and Sarah
Lower Your Expectations with Marcus Butler - If you fancy an insight into the life of a YouTuber, as well as listening to some amusing conversations between Marcus Butler and Matt Viney, I'd highly recommend this one.
Pretty Normal Me
Private Parts
Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia
The High Low
The True Geordie Podcast
Walking the Dog with Emily Dean - Emily goes for a nice long dog walk with a different celebrity each episode, and together they talk about all sorts of weird and wonderful things, as well as sharing the stories of their beloved pets. A generally funny and light-hearted easy listen.  


Answer Me This!
Off Book: The Improvised Musical - Each episode of Off Book consists of the creators coming up with an entire concept for an improvised musical. The songs are very catchy, the topics are light-hearted and fun, and the podcast will leave you with a spring in your step. 
The Jason Manford Show
The Modern Mann - Presented by Olly Mann, this podcast chats about a wide range of different topics and has a different guest each week with a story to tell. 


Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People
Death, Sex & Money
Terrible, Thanks For Asking
The Secret Room


Fit & Fearless
The Deliciously Stella Podcast


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